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The most important thing for us is that our kittens are sold in a loving home.


Our kittens grow up together with all our cats. So they are well socialized at the delivery and also prepared for everyday influences and noises in the house.

In order to make the right choice of the new owners, it is very important for us to welcome the interested people at least once in person at our home. In addition, it is a good way for you to get direct contact with the kitten. So you con see if it is suitable for your family. We also reserve the right to visit the new owners to ensure that our kittens come into a loving home.


Our kittens can be delivered at the earliest from the 12th week in Denmark and with 16 weeks abroad (due to the guidelines for rabies vaccination).


If you buy a kitten you will get the following things:

  • purchase contract

  • FIFE pedigree

  • health certificate issued by our veterinarian ( sales abroad: EU pet passport)

  • vaccination with 12 and 16 weeks

  • Vaccination abroad (2 times general and rabies)

  • with Microchip

  • deworming and fleatreatment

  • castration / sterilization it is not for breeding

The price of pet cats:     750 Euro for a male kitten

                                       800 Euro for a female kitten (due to sterilization is more expensive)

The price of breeding cats: between 1.500 Euro. 

(Abroad: + all necessary veterinarian and travel expenses for the respective country)

Kitten can be booked for a reservation fee of 50% of the purchase price.

A paid booking fee is not refundable in case you regret it later.

If there are serious reasons, the breeder may decide to refund the reservation fee in full or in part.


All cats wich are not for breeding would be castrated before sale.

Only a certain number of kittens are sold for breeding.

We sell breeding cats only to registered breeders.


Piece of advice and help in relation to our kittens could you get everytime. If you are intrested in exhibitions we can go with you and help you with your first steps.



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We reserve the right to reject any interested people without justification.


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